Tips For Locating Gay Friendly Hotels

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When planning your holidays, finding the best in gay friendly hotels is probably at the top of your list. Your hotel is the place where you will spend your downtime on holiday; the place where you will relax and form a home away from home during your holidays. You want that place to be one where you feel comfortable, so finding accommodations that are known to be welcoming to gay and lesbian travelers is a must.

Gay friendly hotels are easy to find in some cities and a little more difficult in others. If you want to make it easy on yourself, choose to spend your holidays in a city known for welcoming the gay and lesbian community. Popular choices in the UK and beyond include Blackpool, London, Miami, Paris, San Francisco and Sydney. But if you have already selected a destination, and its not necessarily one of the top gay and lesbian destinations, there are still plenty of ways to find great gay friendly hotels.

Get your hands on a local gay and lesbian business directory. There may be one available online, or you might be able to request that one be mailed to you. These directories are created specifically with the gay and lesbian population in mind, and provide a listing of businesses that are either run by gay and lesbian owners, friendly to gay and lesbian patrons, or of course both. You are also doing a service to the community when you frequent and support these businesses! Gay friendly hotels are just one of the travel services you may be able to locate here.

Of course, there are many internet websites dedicated to listing and reviewing gay friendly hotels. Look for sites that offer user reviews for the best information right from the mouths of travelers just like you. This way, you will get honest and unbiased opinions on the hotels accommodations and services. For help with finding gay friendly hotels as well as all kinds of other information on planning your travel, take the time to visit Your perfect trip is only a few clicks away!
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Tips For Locating Gay Friendly Hotels

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This article was published on 2010/10/19