Homostrology Astrology For the Gay Community

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So what is Homostrology?

Homostrology is devoted satisfying the special astrology needs of the gay community. It serves more to the gay community as they want to know what kind of person to date with or the type of person they are already dating. To be more precise, Homostrology helps gay people decide whom to date and whom to live with. This is decided by checking out the traits of the gay person using his sun sign. Please remember that the traits of gay people are created based on the sun sign and the planet Venus only. Let us check out some example traits for some of the zodiac signs.

Gay Aries have their needs pretty basic and do not expect more. However, they have the habit of asserting them and easily lose their cool. Arguing to make their point clear is one of the main traits of Gay Aries. They are more open and this is why people like them. You can easily win friends with your nature of pleasing others and showing extra care and attention. Gay Taurus are more like bull, assertive, but not like the ones that get enraged at the sight of red. They are more silent and like to listen more rather than speaking. Good at saving money, they are also able to save money. This makes them a perfect partner who wants a person who is more attentive and rich too.

Gay Gemini are fun loving and love to speak more. Their tongues are loose and they can talk about anything under the sun for hours on end. They have great intelligence and the ability to use the intelligence for the benefit of majority. However, they cannot make up their minds easily due to the duality of their thinking process. Gay Cancer are more moody. They like to be praised and caressed. They like to live in groups and can't stand loneliness. Gay Cancers have proven them to be generous and serve all their friends equally.

Gay Leos like attention and praises. They like to live like a king. The Leos spend more on entertainment but they also have the capacity to earn money. Gay Leos turn out to be good leaders and love to encourage others to succeed in their ventures. Giving away gifts to show love and affection is an essential part of their lives. Gay Virgos tend to keep them perfect. Though nobody can be totally perfect, the Gay Virgos try their best by working in a planned way, keeping them clean and tidy besides giving a sweet treatment to others. This is why Gay Virgos are loved by almost everyone.

Gay Libras are charming and love to help others. They can go to any extent to help others but it is recommended that they impose a limit so that they do not end up hurting themselves attempting to help others. There are many more zodiac signs that tell a lot so that gays can decide how and whom to date as well as what precautions to take so that the other person is not hurt. However, you should not decide your life or even a date based on a prediction displayed on just any website. Most websites have normal astrologers who do not even know what romance means let alone the feelings of the gays. You have to search for a website that offers near-to-exact information. You can google for reviews of the gay predictions. Based upon the reviews, it becomes easy for you to find a good site that offers you with more precise information that you can depend upon.

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Homostrology Astrology For the Gay Community

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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