Can Romney Be Trusted?

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Is Romney a person who we can trust? The question is what reason do you have to do so? If we look at the history, Mr. Romney has always shown a tendency to change his mind, and go back on the assurances he makes while campaigning.

Romney seems to have a chameleon-like propensity -- whether it is his flip-flop on the issue of abortion, or his relation with Ted Kennedy-- Mitt's followers cry foul. Well, people may ask if changing their mind is not good at all. They ask it as if they never spoke ill of John Kerry for his mind-set.

Certainly, people, over time, can have a sudden change-of-heart on many issues, and still say that they are intellectually honest. Such a thing is harder to understand if this person happens to be encouraging the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

It seems that Romney has embraced strictness on matters like immigration, homosexual marriage, and abortion. Why? The answer is quite obvious; the same gentleman, Romney, used to sound very different when he was campaigning in 2002.

Romney was quite comfortable as a crowd of gay Republicans questioned him over breakfast one day in 2002. When he was aspirant for governor of Massachusetts, he was found at a gay bar to court the people of Log Cabin Republicans in Boston.

Mr. Romney affirmed to the group that what he thinks about gay rights had been largely because of his experience in the private sector. People face discrimination in private sector.

Romney assured the gay Republicans' group that he would not speak on the topic of gay marriage. He would be happy with whatever the state court says on the matter. But then, when Romney was selected, and the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, Mitt promptly became untrue to his words. He began asking for a constitutional change that would prohibit the unions.

Such evidences make everyone believe that Romney is not a reliable candidate when it comes to being true to your words. Who knows how much he will be doing what he promises in his campaigns.

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Can Romney Be Trusted?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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